Israel & The Nations - The Next Step

Jeremy Gimpel

Israel & The Nations - The Next Step

May 13, 2020

In my last broadcast I said what every prophet says, the Jewish People are destined to return to the Land of Israel. It seemed simple and honest enough. I was swamped with emails and Whatsapps with questions, challenges, requests for advice and guidance. Some were angry and many were encouraging me to continue broadcasting the truth however unpopular it might be.

Alongside the Jewish messages, I was overwhelmed with messages from non-Jews around the world. They love Israel, they feel deeply connected to the Jewish People. They can't move to Israel. What should they do now?

This is a broadcast for them, for the righteous among the nations around the world. What does the Bible say with happen as we approach this new era? What is the guidance of the prophets for your lives outside of Israel? How do you align yourself with Israel and make Israel's destiny yours?