A Global Awakening - A New Fellowship

Jeremy Gimpel

A Global Awakening - A New Fellowship

May 20, 2020

It is 10 days until Shavuot, until King David's birthday and something is happening in the world. As you know, my reception is pretty shaky here in the mountains of Judea but I am witnessing a global awakening. People from all over the world, from Israel to New Zealand all the way to Alaska and everything in between are starting a new path together.

Israel has a saying, "Everything is for the good" because everything ultimately is from Hashem. This beautiful move is a direct reaction to the global Corona virus... I would never have done this any other way. Something new is spreading from Judea. Please God, "May it go viral".

I introduced the idea of a new global Fellowship (A Virtual "Chaburah" in Hebrew)of learning and Hebrew prayer... I had no expectation that people from so many different countries would join. Jews, Christians, believers and seekers and everything in between... Something is going on and it looks really beautiful.

Please tune in this broadcast and hear the miraculous.

To register for the Fellowship click here - secured.israelgives.org/donate/Fellowship

For more information - www.thelandofisrael.com/fellowship