Malachi 3: Judgement Day & The World To Come

Jeremy Gimpel

Malachi 3: Judgement Day & The World To Come

March 22, 2020

So many people belittle the Tanach as an antiquated, 'old testament', a primitive book written a long time ago about a God no one understood.

The Bible is not man's book about God. It is God's book about man.

It is divine wisdom about timeless struggles and challenges of humanity. Encapsulated in the eternal words of the prophets is the instruction manual of the Universe and keys to living a blessed life.

Their lessons and messages are a guidance and a medicine for every generation until the coming of Mashiach. Now is the time to reflect on their meaning and find guidance in their words.

What is the meaning of "Judgement Day" in the words of Prophets? Why doesn't the Torah ever mention heaven or hell, or the world to come? What do these timeless concepts teach us now about our lives in the midst of this global crisis? What is the calling of this generation in these times?

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