October 7: The Play


October 7: The Play

June 10, 2024

Director Geoffrey Cantor speaks with Eve Harow about the off Broadway play on the October 7th massacre in Israel called October 7: In Their Own Words.

Based on the narrative of Israelis who survived that horrific day, the production personalizes their stories, resilience and bravery.

The lively interview discussion (not the play) veers in politics, negative exceptionalism, raw art such as the paintings of Marc Provisor, campus protests and more.

It’s running for one more week so if you’re going to be in Manhattan be sure to catch it.

This show is dedicated to the memory of Arnon Z׳mora, the special forces hero who gave his life to rescue the 4 hostages from the Hamas in Gaza.

May his memory and bravery bless us all.

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