I Belong to Eternity


I Belong to Eternity

May 6, 2024

Yedidya Harush lives in the Negev town of Shlomit, just north of Sinai which his parents were forced to leave to Egyptian rule and just east of Atzmona in Gush Katif from where they were expelled in 2005. Eve Harow speaks via choppy zoom to him in his backyard to the backdrop of explosions as they’re now on the front line of the war being waged in Rafiah. On Sunday 4 soldiers were killed and many wounded at Kerem Shalom nearby, where ‘humanitarian aid’ trucks deliver food to the non combatants-but-far-from-innocent jihadists- while our hostages die in the Gaza tunnels. He speaks of the bravery of his neighbors on October 7th and the price they paid; the strength of their community and the concerns for his children.

The beauty of our nation, our faith and the bigger picture are what keep him going. Yedidya experienced many miracles in his 4 months of combat, but there is much to be done to ensure a lasting peace.

Because, as we keep repeating, never again is now.

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