Careful, Beauties Ahead


Careful, Beauties Ahead

April 15, 2024

On this week’s podcast Eve Harow takes a break from fresh grief over the murder of a young shepherd and continuous grief over the hostages and injured and fallen soldiers. She’s filled with gratitude to the Israeli Air Force and defenses who in tandem with Hashem pulled off an incredible event in the wee hours of Sunday, a night she’ll never forget.

In advance of the Jerusalem book launch, Tuvia Tenenbom joins her to speak about his year with the ultra-Orthodox which he documented in his newly released English version of 'Careful, Beauties Ahead'. Raised in the Chareidi world and hence fluent in Yiddish, the best selling author shares his thoughts on the warm and welcoming atmosphere and the charm, humor and caring that he experienced while based out of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem.

And the food? Much better than in the Bnai Brak of his youth.

And the shtreimels? He’s still not convinced that’s what Moses wore.

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