Kedma: Looking to the Future


Kedma: Looking to the Future

April 1, 2024

Tira’el Cohen founded Kedma over a decade ago to strengthen border communities around Israel’s periphery and in Judea and Samaria. In her wildest nightmares she didn’t imagine the literal trial by fire that her 3 Western Negev towns would face on October 7th and the murders and kidnappings of friends and colleagues. She spoke with Eve Harow on a One Israel Fund webinar regarding the uncertainty of their northern communities as well, evacuated with no hope of returning home in the near future. The resilience of the people is what will get us through this surreal time. This impressive young woman is an example of a generation whose spirit, leadership, vision and faith will rebuild Israeli society in the aftermath of this trauma.

Join her project to empower those whose presence in difficult areas will be critical in determining the future of the Jewish state.

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