Leadership and Loss


Leadership and Loss

March 18, 2024

Eve Harow rebroadcasts last summer’s interview with Rav Doron Perez on his book ‘From Opposition to Opportunity’. Rav Doron buried his son, platoon commander Daniel Perez hy’d, on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem yesterday, 5 months after he battled in his tank in the south on October 7th. Daniel was declared dead this week, his body held hostage by the enemy in Gaza.

Rav Doron should be a beacon for all of us. As with Avraham Avinu and others whom he quotes in his book, true leaders are sometimes severely tested by God. May we merit an iota of the faith, strength and inspiration Rav Doron has shown over the last few months, and be able to appreciate his leadership which we need more than ever.

May all our soldiers return safely and heal fully and may the hostages be freed without endangering others now and in the future.

Purim. A tough period where evil was beaten because people took action and Hashem coordinated the story behind the scenes.

Who says history doesn’t repeat itself?

Purim sameach.

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