A Rabbi's Perspective on His Own Aliyah

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A Rabbi's Perspective on His Own Aliyah

March 16, 2024

Rabbi Ari Kahn grew up in Brooklyn, the son of a Rabbi who had always yearned to live in the Land, but for various reasons wasn’t able to make his dream a reality. But for Rav Ari, who’s been in Israel since 1984, growing up in that household gave him clarity about making Aliyah someday, and when he and his wife got married, they both knew where they would build their life. Of course, there was still the need to figure out what that life would be, and that’s what Goel discussed with Rav Ari when they sat in his Givat Zeev home.

Be sure to stick around for the rapid-fire questions, which evolved into a pretty serious discussion about the future of the Israeli nation.

Oh, and did Rav Ari's parents ever get to Israel? Listen and you'll find out for yourself...

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