Re-Flourishing Communities


Re-Flourishing Communities

March 4, 2024

Eve Harow speaks with PhD candidate Tira’el Cohen about Kedma the organization she and other young women founded a decade ago. The goal is to build resilience in Israeli border communities, meaning those designated by the government as national priority, by bringing in young people aged 18-35. Some join on student stipends, others as young adults and young families who volunteer to strengthen the village. On October 6th Kedma worked in 96 towns including in Yehuda and Shomron; since then some of the northern and southern ones have been displaced or destroyed. Tira’el recounts the events of October 7th- the friends murdered, the devastation and the recommitment of the Kedma participants to the people whose lives were forever changed.

Listen to a remarkable young woman who embodies the vision, faith and strength of so many Israelis, the unity of our people and the determination to not let our enemies define us and our destiny.

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