Women to Women


Women to Women

February 26, 2024

Eve Harow spent last week guiding a group of awesome American women to meet equally impressive women in Yehuda and Shomron for the One Israel Fund. Today’s podcast reviews the new relationships, the tears, the faith, the hopes, the stories, the fears, the faith, the incomprehensible resilience (can’t be repeated enough) and the very real issues facing us in Israel as a society and especially as women. The home front is no less deserving of our support and understanding than those doing battle physically. Virtually no other mission or tourists to Israel are going into the Biblical Heartland, which is another type of victory for the evil ones.

An unforgettable week which ended with a visit to the famous Rachel of Ofakim whose street smarts saved her and her husband from the terrorists who took them hostage on October 7th. Tragically, her husband David is being buried today, the trauma being too great to overcome.

Maybe he rest in peace. HY’D.

Eve is heading to Miami next week; be in touch for her speaking schedule. You will not be bored.

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