Glorifying Evil; White Buses


Glorifying Evil; White Buses

February 12, 2024

Brilliant analyst and unapologetic Zionist Dr. David Wurmser joins Eve Harow on a day of mixed emotions to share his concerns over new developments in the middle eastern ‘hood.

Egypt in the Sinai, Jordan, Gaza of course and the other kleptocracies that surround Israel.

He also reveals for the first time that Swedish Count Bernadotte, involved in the establishment of UNRWA and assassinated in 1948 was actually in the SS and not the humanitarian diplomat recorded in history.

Bet you have figured out, though, that compromised WH staffers are running American foreign policy.

Tune in for a talk that will wake you up to an early March madness that seems to be gripping the West.

Photo Credit: Haber İsrael

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