From The Land of Oz to the Land of Ours

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From The Land of Oz to the Land of Ours

February 10, 2024

David Lange grew up in Perth, Australia, assuming his life’s work would be dedicated to building wealth and a family in Australia. In high school, he had some experiences that would nudge him in the direction of Israel, but it was meeting his future wife Erica – later Ahava Emuna – zichrona livracha, that sealed the deal for a future in Israel, and transformed both his life and his life priorities.

I visited David – also known for years as Ozzie Dave of the IsraellyCool blog – in his Bet Shemesh home, where we had a far-ranging discussion about his Aliyah, the cancer battle his wife waged with him by her side, career aspirations in Israel, raising kids and, of course, his Israel advocacy.

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