Two-State Insanity

Israel Uncensored

Two-State Insanity

January 21, 2024

As Israel continues to fight against Hamas terrorists in Gaza, the Biden Administration, the EU, and the UN, are obsessively focused on the "day after" the war, which they insist would include the establishment of a PA state. After more than 30 years of failed Oslo-based policies, which have only resulted in terrorism, war, and the spilling of Jewish blood, a good portion of the world is talking about creating a PA state by force, regardless of whether Israel agrees to it or not. Somehow, they argue, such a move will lead to peace and security. On today's Israel Uncensored, Josh Hasten argues that a two-state solution would be an existential threat to the State of Israel, and that our leadership must stay strong in the face of pressure and not go along with the insanity.

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