Surgery Under Fire


Surgery Under Fire

December 25, 2023

Dr. Steve Herman has toured Israel with Eve Harow more than once. When he arrived with his wife in October, however, it was to volunteer his prolific skills as a thoracic surgeon at the Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon near Gaza. He speaks about the experience, the life altering, devastating wounds suffered by healthy young people and the damage to so many lives due to the Hamas barbarism. Israel does not distinguish between military and civilian hospitals and the war has impacted all of society. Dr. Herman functioned professionally even while under rocket attacks and appreciated the devotion that all the staff- irrespective of religion or ethnicity- showed to the wounded.

May he return to Israel only to visit the historical and Biblical sites he loves so much and not patch together broken bodies.

With great thanks to him and all the other volunteers in so many areas who have stepped in to show solidarity with the Jewish state and give evil the blow it deserves.

Together we will be victorious. The cost is just so so high….

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