My Brother’s Keeper


My Brother’s Keeper

December 18, 2023

Eve Harow speaks with Netanyahu’s former chief of staff (and her nephew)," rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Ari Harow, on his new book ‘My Brother’s Keeper: Netanyahu, Obama and the Year of Terror and Conflict that changed the Middle East Forever.’

Originally written as a historical look at Israel in 2014 from someone who was at the time on the very inside of Israeli politics, the timing of the book’s release gives a deeper perspective and needed context on what’s happening in Israel since October 7th. The relationship with the US, internal Israeli issues and challenges, the wider focus on Iran and global Islamic Jihad are all there. Hamas’s kidnapping of the 3 boys set off a chain of events, including Operation Protective Edge in Gaza in 2014, which ended without a clear victory.

And here we are today.

This is an important and unique book and a must read for those searching for an understanding of critical decisions that were made nearly a decade ago that impact all of us in the present.

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