Much More Than a 'Shabbos Goy'


Much More Than a 'Shabbos Goy'

December 11, 2023

Eve Harow speaks to British Colonel Richard Kemp, who has been in Israel since October 9th.

Veteran of many a battlefield, both in conflict and politics, he shares his thoughts on the war Israel is waging on Hamas, along with many other insights. Did you know that the African Union Refugee Convention actually legally obligates Egypt to take in Gazans during the hostilities? That the Red Cross in Gaza, as well as UNWRA, are Hamas lackeys for all intents and purposes? This extraordinary man and immensely good friend to Israel is a believer in right from wrong, appreciative of Israel’s military prowess and the unity of our society and appalled at the hypocrisy of most of the world’s leaders. He’s not a fan of the current US administration (understatement) either. Kemp is a Christian and a Zionist, but one does not inform the other.

An important conversation with a very brave man not averse to taking on foes when morality and the fight for truth dictate that he must.

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