True Believers - in Exterminating the Jews


True Believers - in Exterminating the Jews

November 13, 2023

Eve Harow speaks with Zeev Maghen, Professor of Arabic and Islamic History and Chairman of the Department of Middle East Studies at Bar-Ilan University, on the current war on Hamas.

Israel was established to ensure the survival and prosperity of the Jewish people. Anyone who interferes with that is to be prevented, at all costs, from fulfilling their nefarious goals.

Full stop. No apologies. It’s the basic right of any people including Jews, despite the world’s latent anti-Semitism, now come to the fore.

Fluent in Arabic, Farsi, English, Hebrew, Russian and Yiddish, Maghen is an expert as few are on what ideology our enemies are inculcated with and how determined they are to actualize their beliefs.

We will win.

There’s no choice.

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