Ayelet Shaked and the War on Hamas


Ayelet Shaked and the War on Hamas

October 30, 2023

Former Israeli Minister Ayelet Shaked joins Eve Harow on a special One Israel Fund webinar on the War on Hamas. They discuss the barbarism of the murderous infiltration to Israel on October 7th and the undeniable heroism and importance of the civilian first responders - Kitot Konnenut - both in the western Negev and Judea and Samaria.

In order to combat the fake news and outright denial of the events we must all disseminate the proof. Rising anti-Semitism in the Diaspora needs to be dealt with by not cowering. The ultra-Orthodox in Israel have stepped up in incredible ways which leads to hope for a more unified Israeli public.

Praying for the hostages and our soldiers and the elimination of any evil that threatens the Jewish people and by extension, mankind.

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