The Perception of Power


The Perception of Power

October 9, 2023

Foreign policy specialist David Wurmser in in Israel He joins Eve Harow to share his thoughts about the horrific terror infiltration into Israel and the unspeakable torture, murder and kidnapping of over 1000 people on Shabbat. The war to destroy Hamas has now begun and Israelis are bracing for a few extremely difficult weeks. It must end in complete victory over the forces of evil, but will it? Waiting to see if Lebanon joins the fray and of course the head of the snake is Iran. The true face of the jihadist occupiers of Gaza has been unmasked- killing Jews. There is no possibility of coexistence with those who want you dead.

Grief and fury, worry and fear are vying for everyone’s attention every minute of every day. The acts of great courage by Israelis that are surfacing are breathtaking; the acts of inhumane cruelty by the Arab enemy are heart stopping.

May God protect His people as we go to war. Again.

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