Direct from Warsaw


Direct from Warsaw

August 30, 2021

Marc Provisor is an Israeli counter terrorism expert, but he’s also an internationally recognized artist who participated in what became a very controversial exhibit in Warsaw this past week. He joins Eve Harow to share his many thoughts on the issues that are now jostling for space in his busy and creative mind; the emotional impact of a Jew visiting Poland; the outrageous hypocrisy of the so-called progressive movement and the difficult decision to participate in the showing with artists who are known Jew haters and racists. Can dialogue change attitudes? How does being a proud and strong Israeli impact situations such as this one? How far should freedom of speech be allowed to go before it becomes provocation? 

This exhibit comes at a tense time in the Israel-Poland relationship vis-a-vis reparations and discussions of who are the victims of Nazi aggression. Sometimes it feels that WW2 never really ended; it just metastasized into something no less deadly in the long run.

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