The Scorching Summer of 2021


The Scorching Summer of 2021

July 19, 2021

Journalist, author and Mid East analyst Dr. Jonathan Spyer discusses with Eve Harow some of the acute and chronic ‘dysfunctional’ -or more correctly, highly functional but quite dangerous- regimes in countries bordering or near Israel. How is Lebanon’s collapse related to Iran? Is the insurgency in Iraq more worrisome than we think? Is the Biden administration dealing with the JCPOA talks correctly? Can Jordan be considered a reliable Western ally? How do Turkey and Russia play into this all too real game of RISK? These questions and more are answered by a veteran analyst and information gatherer, whose sources are not on twitter or instagram.

(This is recording of the newest in a series of webinars sponsored by One Israel Fund.)

eve harow, rejuvenation, Dr. Jonathan Spyer, lebanon, Biden administration, iran, iraq, Turkey, Russia