Exposing Child Predators: Your Story Matters


Exposing Child Predators: Your Story Matters

May 3, 2021

Effi Harow and Professor Carmit Katz join Eve Harow to speak about sexual abuse of children and what must be done to raise awareness and prevention. Effi and other Israelis have bravely gone public with their experiences of being abused as children, since ending the secrecy and dealing with feelings of shame and guilt are critical steps to encourage other victims to do the same. Professor Katz is at the forefront of the Israeli independent committee for the change of public discourse and policy with respect to child sexual abuse and is involved with other countries’ groups doing the same. Yes, this is a tough podcast to hear but listen anyhow, because someone you love needs you to.

Link to Professor Carmit Katz Facebook Page: bit.ly/3nJyPsR

Email for Effi Harow: Effiharow84@gmail.com

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