The Silk Route and the Paper Trail


The Silk Route and the Paper Trail

February 1, 2021

Eve Harow speaks about some of what she learned in her university course on Agriculture and Vegetation in the Middle Ages in the Land of Israel, taught by Professor Zohar Amar, world renown scientist and researcher. Except for in Jerusalem, Caesaria and Ashkelon, the early Arab conquest was probably not violent but rather a gradual takeover using culture and language. Archaeology of all types, perusal of Christian, Muslim and Jewish pilgrims’ accounts and Talmudic rabbinic discussions are all a part of putting pieces together in the puzzle of hundreds of years in the history of the Land.

Fugarot. Glass. Poison antidotes, cane sugar and Buffalo cheese. Oh, and where - and why- did the wine growers go?

Photo Credit: Netafim

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