Arugot Farm

And Hashem will take Judea as a heritage for himself, as his portion upon the Holy Land, and He Shall choose Jerusalem again.

- Zechariah 2:15

A short walk away one can find an ancient cave, untouched for millennia, three enchanting organic vineyards, over five thousand blossoming fruit trees, an innovative ecological pool, a flock of sheep, and intoxicating views of the Dead Sea, Massada, Jerusalem, and the Judean Desert.

A visit to the Arugot Farms is a uniquely life changing experience which provides illuminating context to the history, holiness, and glory of Judea for anyone seeking to connect to the destiny of Israel in the deepest way imaginable.

Located in the heart of the biblical “Wilderness of Zif” where King David composed many of the Psalms and hid from King Saul, the Arugot Farms, in just a few years, has been transformed from a barren desolate wilderness to a Garden of Eden-like oasis, unlike anything in The Land.

From afar, the Arugot Farms appear on the horizon like an ancient Judean kingdom. At its center is a castle-like retreat center rising from the dust. Nearby, a house of prayer stands, unparalleled in its mystical beauty.

Founded by four environmentally conscious pioneering Israeli families who literally paved the roads to these previously inaccessible mountains, the Arugot Farms is becoming a sought after destination for both Israelis and tourists seeking to experience Israel’s magnificent natural beauty, encounter a renaissance of organic natural living, and walk through the rich history of Judea, from King David to the Maccabbees – to Rabbi Akiva and Bar Kochba.

In the majestic heights where Judea’s mountains meet her desert, overlooking breathtaking views of the Dead Sea and the awe inspiring cliffs of the Arugot valley, The Arugot Farm is an encounter with the Judean frontier.