What We Bring to the Knesset

Revitalizing the Zionist Movement in Israel:

The Bayit Yehudi is Israel’s Religious Zionist Party, and the time has come for a renewal. We want to bring a new, positive and proud image of Israel that will set an example for world Jewry. Our ultimate goal is to inspire Jews from all walks of life and bring them closer to their identity and heritage. We represent the next generation of idealistic and innovative leadership that will breathe new life into the State of Israel.
Transforming the way the world sees Israel:

We must change the way Israel represents itself internationally and shift from being reactive to proactive. Instead of  defensive explanations in response to criticism, we need to begin educating the world about our historical, legal and God-given rights to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem. The only way to alter world opinion is for Israel to project a bold and unapologetic Jewish voice to the world.
Today our videos reach millions of viewers world-wide on cable and satellite TV. Our Facebook and YouTube Channel are larger than the Prime Minister and Foreign Ministry’s combined. What we do works. It’s time to take our message to the next level!
Creating a positive connection between  Judaism and secular society:

For a decade we have been sharing our vision of an authentic Jewish State and now we will transform this vision into reality. We believe that Israel must always remain a Jewish country, but not tolerate religious coercion. Our educational institutions must emphasize the study of Tanach, as a Jewish text representing the heritage, history, values and goals of the Jewish People.  All streams of Judaism in Israel should embrace, support, and welcome every Jew regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation. A unified Israel includes military, national or community service for every citizen.
Empowering & Representing the English speaking Aliyah movement in Israel:

The English speaking olim are educated, idealistic, and motivated Zionists, but have no representation in the Knesset. Today, if you are an English speaking Israeli, you have no voice in our government! Consider how easy it is to reach a congressman; it’s close to impossible to personally contact a member of Knesset.
We will establish a direct line of communication to our office in the Knesset, by creating a portal for the English speaking community to empower them in Israel’s political life and in shaping the future of our country.

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