TNL Episode #2: Caroline Glick vs. ‘Biased’ Israeli Media
In this second episode of the Season Premier of “Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem”, Ari and Jeremy welcome world famous journalist Caroline Glick.
“We wanted her to provide a breath of fresh air from the pollution that inundates media about Israel”, explains Ari. “Without employing the dogma and rhetoric which characterizes the disproportionately biased Israeli media, Caroline Glick has the unique ability to weave together world events to present an accurate and enlightening holistic understanding of Israel and the entire world with a very refreshing backdrop of Jewish pride, dignity and strength.”
Among many other prestigious accomplishments, Caroline Glick is the deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, the chief diplomatic correspondent for the Hebrew-language Makor Rishon newspaper, a senior fellow for Middle East affairs at a Washington D.C.-based center for security policy, and the creator of the brilliant parody on Israeli politics, Latma.

Written by Ari and Jeremy