True ‘Tree Huggers’ – authentic ‘Liberals’ – don’t deal in wishful thinking and projection but with the reality of humanity in all its forms. The new month of Shvat symbolically celebrates the birthday for trees at the very peak of their dormancy, a lesson in recognizing what lies beneath, the hidden potential in humans, the goodness that in the right conditions bursts forth. Eve recounts her last week, experiencing that awesome spirit of sacrifice and selflessness in the residents of Yehuda and Shomron.

But on other branches the termites gnaw away….leading to a segment of Eve’s Peeves:
Question: Who suffers most from extremist Islam?
Answer: Moderate Muslims.

Is Trump correct in temporarily shutting down immigration? Can those who are the most upset actually be the ones responsible?

Then, listen in on Eve’s interview with wood sculptor Rachel Rotenberg, creating living beauty from (technically dead) trees in her Judean Desert studio.

Written by Eve Harow