Nathan Lopes Cardozo is on a life mission to liberate Jewish Law from its artificial Diaspora codification. An organic, even prophetic Halacha, revived as Am Yisrael has returned to our homeland, provides new challenges and opportunities.  The rabbinical establishment perpetuates a stagnant and hollow Judaism that isn’t relevant for many today.  Do we experience God in our lives?  Is doubt is better than certainty?  Where’s the awareness of amazement? Rabbi Cardozo’s new book “Jewish Law as Rebellion: A Plea for Religious Authenticity and Halachic Courage” will bring tears to your eyes, ideas to your mind, hope to your heart and a song to your soul.  But…this brilliant and introspective warrior for Judaism and humanity needs us to put his groundbreaking proposals to work.  Eve is rejuvenated and uber inspired. Listen and then-
Read his Book. Internalize it. Start to Fight.

Written by Eve Harow