It is not every day that you get to speak with a legend, much less interview one. Here are some precious words I had with the Alter Rebbe of Jewish History, Rabbi Berel Wein. We touch on the nature of history, the Jewish people, the experience of salvation and much more.

The return to Israel can have two meanings – a return to the Land and a return to essential self. The birth of the settlement movement striving for redemption was one of the most significant results of the Six Day War, and no community tells the story better than Hebron.

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One can look at life as one long string of decisions, whether for individuals or nations. Israel had a number of decisions to make in the wake of the Six Day War and none was more pressing than where to place the borders. Here is an episode about some of the factors in that decision – the Allon Plan and the return to Kfar Etzion – which helped shape the future.

This week on The Jewish Story, Rav Mike Feuer hosted author and thought leader Yossi Klein Halevi. Their conversation touches on his personal experience of Meir Kahane and the early struggle for Soviet Jewry, the challenges of writing, the power of Jerusalem to evoke dreams and much more. Tune in for an inspiring episode treating the impact of 1967 on past, present and future.

Abundance is always a blessing, so long as one has the capacity to receive it. In the weeks and months after their victory in June of 1967, the Israeli government struggled to absorb the meaning and practical implications of everything which they had just acquired. This episode begins our exploration of the new political, economic and spiritual realities which began on the day after the war.

In this interlude I am joined by special guest Dr. Michael Oren. The topic at hand is how the Six Day War helped shaped the special relationship between Israel and the United States. Along the way Dr. Oren offers insights on a range of events, sharing his perspective as an historian, author, diplomat and a Jew.

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It is a truism that struggle brings out unexpected powers from within us, and what’s true in life is true in history as well. The struggle to liberate Soviet Jewry will be a formative element of our story for decades to come, so here is the first chapter.  Learn the inside story about  Jacob Birnbaum and the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, Natan Sharansky and the Russian Refuseniks, Rabbi Meir Kahane and the Jewish Defense League, and the massive Freedom Rally for Soviet Jews in Washington DC.

If you feel a bit like the world might be falling apart, then look to the sukkah for how to hold it together. Here are a few holiday thoughts on faith, joy and how to build a better world. Chag sameach!

Here is a thought to help focus your practice during these powerful days. May we all be blessed with a sweet, healthy and productive year! Shana tova!

There are stories which are turning points in a larger tale, and there are those which prove to be tempests in a tea cup. The story of the 1968 NYC school strike could be read as both. Either way, this episode offers a look at a microcosm of Black/Jewish relations in 1968 which will have a profound impact down to our day.

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