On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Josh touches on the the various fronts from north to south, in which Israel was forced to act militarily in self defense over the course of this past week. Another rocket was fired by Gazan terrorists at Israel’s southern communities over the weekend accompanied by additional Hamas threats. The IDF responded by striking Hamas terror targets. At the same Israel has uncovered a sixth Hezbollah terror tunnel from Lebanon as part of its ‘Operation Northern Shield.’ Also, Prime Minister Netanyahu opened his cabinet meeting on Sunday admitting that Israel was behind a strike on an Iranian arms warehouses in Damascus, Syria a day earlier. Never a dull moment in the Jewish State or in the Middle East!

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, an interview with Ambassador Yoram Ettinger, Israel’s former Minister for Congressional Affairs in Washington and expert on US/Israel relations. Amb. Ettinger says that it’s a mistake to think that a US troop pullout from Syria will damage Israel’s security. In regard to US National Security Adviser John Bolton’s current trip to the region, Ettinger talks about how Bolton has relentlessly stood by the Jewish State for many years. He adds that instead of introducing the delayed US peace plan between Israel and the Arabs under the PA, the US should focus on the Iranian threat and other Middle East conflicts which are contributing towards instability in the region.

On today Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten an interview with Seth Frantzman Jerusalem Post op-ed editor and Executive Director at the Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis. Frantzman discusses the possible ramifications for Israel in light of President Trump’s decision to pull US troops out of Syria. Also on the show, Josh blasts NBA-star Lebron James for featuring anti-Semitic song lyrics on a recent Instagram post. Josh says that James once again proves that Michael Jordan will always be the true king of basketball.

On today’s Israel Uncensored, as Josh Hasten sits down to record the show, sirens blare out over northern Israel. Israel’s Home-Front Command indicated that the projectiles launched from Syria were fired as part of that country’s civil war, and were not aimed at Israel. However for the first time ever Israel’s new ‘David Sling’ anti-missile system was utilized. Also on the show, why was Israel’s new “Jewish Nation-State Law,” in the headlines all over the world? Josh explains why this new ‘Basic Law’ has ruffled so many feathers near and far.

Naftali Bennett, the leader of the Israeli Right, takes on Iran, Syria and Natalie Portman in an interview with Gil Hoffman. Bennett explains how he has maneuvered politically to get his agenda across and the Right empowered. He speaks about the possibility of early elections and how the future of Israel can change for the better.

Gil Hoffman’s interview with Naftali Bennett is broadcast on The Land of Israel Network with permission of The Jerusalem Post.

Over the weekend US President Trump fulfilled his promise of targeting Assad-regime chemical facilities in response to an attack on Syrian civilians. How will that move impact Israel? Joining Josh Hasten on this week’s edition of Israel Uncensored to discuss this question is Anna Ahronheim – Military and Defense Correspondent for The Jerusalem Post. Ahronheim also details the latest Hamas terror tunnel discovered by the IDF, which it destroyed. The tunnel, which led into Israeli territory, was reportedly the longest one yet.  Also, why has Anne Frank been in the news several times over the past few days?  Listen to this week’s show to find out.



Finally reunited, Rabbi’s Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel connect the dots between the global inferno unfolding around Syria and the personal tragedies unfolding all around them.  With deadly gas being used to kill innocents the week Israel remembers the Holocaust, one can’t help feel that something big is about to happen and that something deep must be learned.

This week tune into a sneak preview of Ari & Jeremy’s new music album!

As we prepare for Passover, Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel explores Israel as “The Spirit-Tech” superpower of the world and explores why the experience of miracles in our lives always fade away?

What is the secret to living with Messiah eyes as we march toward Redemption and what’s the root and deeper meaning hiding beneath Israeli Chutzpah?

HalleluYah, my soul will praise Hashem. I will sing to my God with all I have.

Hashem will reign forever, God of Zion, for generation to generation, HalleluYah.

To believe that the Temple offerings will come back again you need to be unambivalent about the Torah – like Rabbi Mike Feuer. To recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel you need to be unambivalent like the American Administration as described by Eli Pieprz. To bomb a Syrian nuclear installation you need to have an unambivalent IDF as portrayed by Malkah Fleisher. They all join Rabbi Yishai for a show filled with an unambivalent love of Israel and love of God.

After a tense weekend in which Israel shot down an Iranian drone, while Syria downed an Israeli fighter jet, the speculation of a full-blown war on Israel’s northern border is front-page news. On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Seth Frantzman op-ed editor, columnist, and journalist at the Jerusalem Post discusses the possibility of war. Frantzman who was in northern Israel trying to enjoy a peaceful weekend when he was called into action, covering the story at the site of the Israeli plane, discusses this breaking development.

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