Quiet on the set! Creation movie – take two! Cue the torrential downpour! Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai for a wet and wild ride with Noah’s Ark featuring the rainbow and the Tower of Babel. Then, Malkah Fleisher on thanking Ambassador Nikki Haley and the never-ending history-erasing lies of UNESCO and their ilk.

The Sukkot holiday is a time of messianic expectation and prophetic inspiration. Here is an interlude with some musings on the meaning of war and prophecy. And as a special bonus – a live interview with my co-author Dave Mason about the release of the second book in the Age of Prophecy series.

The mega-holiday of Sukkot is upon us! Rabbi Mike joins Rabbi Yishai to talk about the dichotomies of the holiday like the universal call for humanity to pray in Jerusalem and the particular post-party of God and the Jews. Then, Malkah Fleisher on building the Sukkah and filling it with a national family love. And, of course, remembering Ari Fuld.
The 1930’s saw the hate triangle of Arabs, British and Jews explode into an unprecedented scale of violence known as the Arab Revolt. The revolt brought on yet another cycle of repression and political concessions, and it split the Jews of the Yishuv over the question of whether restraint or retaliation was the proper response to Arab violence. Meanwhile, as violence spirals in the land of Israel,  and Jews argue with one another, the darkness of Nazi Germany has begun to cast its shadow over Europe.

Choose life! Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai for a Rosh HaShanah Special where they discuss the chosenness of Israel, the blessings and the curses upon entering the land, and finding joy in times of crisis. Then Malkah Fleisher on preparing for a new year with a tiny voice of truth, crowning the King while being judged, and all the while serving up a great menu!


In the 1930’s the ideological divides between the Revisionist and Labor Zionists grew, and cracks begin to appear within the community of the Yishuv. Meanwhile, pressure on European Jewry is increasing with the rise of Nazi Germany. When you put these two processes together, the potential is nothing short of explosive.

Though the Land of Israel is the hinge around which the Jewish Story turns, there are many Jews  whose future does not lie in Zion. This episode widens the scope of our story to consider the life of Jews in the interwar period, and how they contributed to the nature of Jewishness outside of the Zionist dream.

Why are some Jews afraid of other Jews having power? What is the King of Israel‘s power? Should the Jewish State be liberal with illiberal forces? Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to throw off the spiritual luxury of exile and delve into Jewish sovereignty and earthly power – all meant to represent God’s vision in our lower domains.

One of the most complex expressions of sovereignty comes through the relationship between religion and state. Listen in to this interview with R’ Aaron Leibowitz, social activist fighting to bring a more healthy and redemptive face to that relationship.

Is it fair to call Moses the original Zionist? Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to discuss the Torah portion of Ekev, to understand origins of Zionism, and to get onboard the redemptive mission that Israel is meant to lead.

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