Gil Hoffman talks about the schism between Israeli and American Jews and how it has been exacerbated recently by politics in both countries. Ahead of a coat-to-coast US speaking tour, Hoffman speaks candidly about how Israel is currently being misunderstood and what can be done to improve the relationship. Relating the issue to the messages of Passover, he says that questioning can be welcomed without fighting in a happy family. He reminds listeners that the primary commandment on a Jewish holiday is happiness, not stress, and that Passover can enable joy.

Yishai is baking matzo in Beit El! He intro’s a lesson of a model Passover Seder by the preeminent Rabbi Eli Mansour. This incredible lesson was almost lost but Yishai plays it for you to prepare for the commandment of retelling the tale of the exodus at the Passover Seder. Blessings for a Kosher and happy holiday!

The commandment around which seder night revolves is the telling of the story of the Exodus. Many people today struggle with questions of historicity, meaning – did this really happen? Here is an episode on why the real questions of the Exodus lie in the future and not the past, along with some insights on how to tell a story which goes beyond belief.

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, a discussion on the big election victory for PM Netanyahu and the Likud Party. Then an interview with Rabbi Guy Avihod with some Passover insights as the Jewish People prepare to celebrate the holiday of freedom.



This week on Israel Inspired, Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel discuss the Golan Heights, rockets reigning down on Israel, Passover, and the nature of true sacrifice for the creator of the world.  What does it mean to take refuge in the divine?  How does it trickle down to real life?

They are then joined by a uniquely inspiring leader, Rabbi Shneur Zalman Wolowik, founder of the Chabad of the Five Towns. He provides a unique glimpse into the heart of the Chabad movement and what fuels them to live lives of selflessness and dedication to the nation of Israel
and the world.

The final plagues lead to a new type of Torah the law!! Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to accept the law and prepare Pesach for generations after the original monumental event. Then, Malkah Fleisher on one fast Chareidi lady, and the amazing recovery of Shira Ish-Ran.

Rabbi Shlomo Katz shares some critical pre-Seder insights that will provide perspective and inspiration for one of the highest potential moments throughout the year.

In this interlude we take a pause from the flow of history in order to consider whether Passover is the festival of freedom or the time of our redemption. But don’t worry, it turns out the 19th century nationalist thinkers had a lot to say about the original birth of a nation.

Gil Hoffman asks Jerusalem Post columnist Rabbi Stewart Weiss the tough questions about the upcoming Passover holiday, including how this year is different from other years, do we really have to say every word of the Haggadah if we want to keep our children involved, and do we really have to eat the bitter herbs? The Rabbi explains that we can only appreciate sweetness after the bitter herbs have been overcome. The interview concludes with a preview of the next holiday, the 70th birthday of Israel, and the question of how we show our appreciation to God.

On today’s Israel Uncensored, Josh Hasten interviews fellow Land of Israel host, and licensed Israeli tour guide Eve Harow. Eve details some of the amazing trips throughout Judea and Samaria she is leading this Passover via the One Israel Fund, an organization which strengthens Israeli communities throughout the country in many fields. Eve also weighs in on US President Trump’s appointment of John Bolton as the administration’s new National Security Advisor, saying that she believes that Bolton is the right man for the job.

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