Naftali Bennett, the leader of the Israeli Right, takes on Iran, Syria and Natalie Portman in an interview with Gil Hoffman. Bennett explains how he has maneuvered politically to get his agenda across and the Right empowered. He speaks about the possibility of early elections and how the future of Israel can change for the better.

Gil Hoffman’s interview with Naftali Bennett is broadcast on The Land of Israel Network with permission of The Jerusalem Post.

Who is really on a great return march? Hamas into Palestine, or the Jewish people to the Land of Israel? It depends on whose narrative you believe. Rabbi Yishai goes through the Torah portion and highlights the sin of blasphemy and narrative distortion. Then, Malkah Fleisher joins to discuss Portman-gate and how some Jews give credence to the Hamas narrative of Israeli atrocities. But don’t worry – there is an Eternal Menorah at the end of the tunnel!

Gil Hoffman speaks about the Natalie Portman scandal with Michael Medved, one of America’s most respected film critics and arguably the most successful Jewish radio talk show host in the history of mankind. Gil asks Medved about why it matters so much that a Hollywood star refused to come to Israel and rejected a $2 million prize. He also speaks to Medved about the significance of next month’s inauguration of the American embassy in Jerusalem.

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Josh shares his thoughts on Jewish/Israeli Academy Award winning actress Natalie Portman’s decision to boycott Israel and not attend the prestigious 2018 Genesis Prize Award ceremony. While Portman initially thanked the prize committee for the honor, just several days ago she changed her mind, saying that she was unwilling to attend a ceremony where Prime Minister Netanyahu would be speaking since in her view it would look like she is endorsing him. In her ambiguous statement Portman also accuses Israel of carrying out “atrocities” which don’t align with her “Jewish values.” While perhaps unintended, radical anti-Israel and pro-BDS organizations are calling Portman’s cancellation a victory.