Israel on Sunday entered a third national lockdown with coronavirus cases spiking. Will this be the final lockdown as hundreds of thousands of Israelis have already received their inoculations? Prime Minister Netanyahu hopes that at least 2 million Israelis will receive their shots by the end of January. Plus, Israel is headed towards its fourth election in the past two years. Will Netanyhau hold on as the country’s leader, or will a coalition be formed led by either former Likud member Gideon Sa’ar and his “New Hope” party or Naftali Bennett’s Yamina? All of this plus the other latest news from Israel, on this week’s Israel Uncensored, with Josh Hasten.

Former Defense Minister and Leader of the Yamina Party Naftali Bennett joins Eve Harow for a wide ranging, frank conversation. He speaks from heart and head on Aliya, Iran, COVID-19, Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria -sans a Palestinian state – hi-tech, Shabbat and more. MK Bennett is busy in the opposition, continuing to apply his formidable skills and vast experience in many spheres to build and secure Israel’s future as a vibrant, stable, creative and successful Jewish state in the fullest meaning of the term.

On today’s special election edition of Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Josh interviews the “man (and woman) in the street” outside a Gush Etzion polling station, as Israel votes for the 23rd Knesset – the country’s third election within a year. While most voters interviewed in this non-scientific poll said they would vote for Yemina led by Naftali Bennett, others said they would be choosing PM Netanyahu’s Likud. Other voters were undecided going into the polling station. Listen to today’s show to get a sense of the logic used by some Israelis as they cast their ballots.

The Kohelet Policy Forum hosted an extremely high level conference in Jerusalem on the statements of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding the “settlements”.

Professor Moshe Koppel, who heads the Forum, joins Harow (who attended) to discuss the speeches and current events in Israel. PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Ambassador David Friedman, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, Pompeo via taped message -along with too many other VIPs to list -presented some fascinating topics leading to refreshing ideas for the future.

If we finally get decisions made and directions set, since Greater Israel is here to stay.

Eve Harow talks with one of her favorite people, her Jerusalem-born son Matanya Harow. He worked for Caroline Glick during the first 2019 elections, is studying international relations and economics at Hebrew University, and served in the IDF. He offers his ideas on Naftali Bennett as newly appointed Defense Minister, what it’s like to study on Mount Scopus with a wide variety of students, and the state of Israeli democracy. Our youth is our future and Eve, for one, is optimistic and confident about turning the country over to their patriotic, faith-full, educated and truly liberal hands.

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Josh shares some interviews from Sunday’s Israel Victory Project conference held in Ramat Gan including comments from Naftali Bennett.

The conference brought together politicians, academics, journalists, military experts and others to discuss their views on how Israel should go about achieving a victory over her enemies, from Hamas in the south to Hezbollah in the north, and all others who seek Israel’s demise and refuse to accept the existence of a Jewish State.

Photo Credit: Koby Dovraz

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, an interview with Jeremy Saltan, Knesset insider and Anglo Forum Chairman for the “HaYamin HeHadash,” or the “New Yamin” Party led by Minister Naftali Bennett. Saltan gives insight on what his new party stands for, and provides details on some of the primaries taking place this week within the Likud, and Jewish Home parties. Saltan is confident that Prime Minister Netanyahu will once again be Israel’s Prime Minster and is hopeful that Minister Bennett will be Israel’s new Minister of Defense following the April 9 Knesset elections.

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Josh discusses the latest political developments in Israel including the decision by Ministers Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked to leave the Jewish Home party and start the “New Right Wing” party. What will be left of the Jewish Home and how will this move impact the formation of a “right wing” government should Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud come out on top in the elections? Also on the show Josh discusses the fact that Israel’s record year of tourism, with four million visitors arriving in the Jewish State in 2018, is a major fail for the BDS movement.

While Prime Minister Netanyahu is trying to salvage his government, indications at this point show that Israel could be headed towards early elections. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has already resigned, and while Ministers Bennett and Shaked this morning decided to remain in the government, can Netanyahu somehow hang on with a razor thin 61-seat majority in the Knesset? Also, despite the political turmoil and the chaos caused by Hamas this past week firing nearly 500 rockets at Israeli towns, Israel is on pace for a record number of tourists visiting the Jewish State in 2018. Josh Hasten discusses these topics and everything else making news on this weeks’ “Israel Uncensored.”

What is happening to the complex and sensitive relationship between Israelis and American Jews in the wake of the massacre in Pittsburgh and the handling of the situation by Israeli government officials? Gil Hoffman gets very different points of view from the former ambassador of the United States in Israel, Dan Shapiro, and from Jason Pearlman, the foreign affairs adviser to Israel’s Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett. Pearlman just returned from Pittsburgh with Bennett and believes negative reactions to the visit were very exaggerated. Shapiro believes Israeli politicians need to be more sensitive. Shapiro also analyzes the impact of Tuesday’s mid-term US elections on Israel’s future.

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