It’s been 2 weeks since Blue and White MK Michal Cotler-Wunsch brought her formidable skills, energy and experience to the Knesset and her passion for the challenges ahead is palpable. The Canadian/Israeli lawyer shares with Eve Harow her visions for: Aliya; a plan for Israel’s battles in the international legal arena; a burning desire to bring our hostages out of Gaza and correct the human rights wrongs that have gone on for years; how to balance government involvement with personal responsibility to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic – and much more. She’s a breath of fresh arctic air and a politician to watch in the coming months and years.

Israelis went to the polls this past week, but results produced a stalemate leading to a period of uncertainty as to which Israeli leader will form the next government. While Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party received two more Knesset mandates than the incumbent – Prime Minster Netanyahu’s Likud, neither side has enough support to form a government. The ball is now in the court of President Reuven Rivlin to try and help the sides make compromises to reach the necessary 61 seats. If not, Israel could in fact be headed towards yet another election – its third in less than a year, this coming winter.  On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Josh tries to sort out the confusion and explain Rivlin’s daunting task.

After 12 weeks of interviewing Knesset candidates, Gil Hoffman takes the floor for himself this week, looking back at the successes and failures in the election. Party by party, Gil analyzes the strategy of the 11 parties that made it in to the next Knesset and three parties that fell short of the electoral threshold. Find out which parties had a smart strategy that elevated them and which suffered from poor tactics that proved mistaken.

Gil Hoffman starts a series on Inside Israel Today in which listeners will get to meet new candidates for Knesset from across the political spectrum. His first guest in the series is Yesh Atid candidate Tehila Friedman, a research fellow at the moderate religious Zionist Hartman Institute and a program director at Shaharit, a think tank promoting a new social partnership between all segments of Israeli society. She is the outgoing chair of Ne’emanei Torah va’Avodah, a modern Orthodox movement promoting pluralism and democracy and a founding board member of the Yerushalmit Movement, a non-profit promoting a pluralistic Jerusalem. Friedman explains how she intends to advance those ideals in the Knesset. She also ambitiously vows to also represent Diaspora Jews from around the world as an MK.

Gil Hoffman records his show immediately after covering a dramatic press conference of Labor Party leader Avi Gabbay in which Gabbay shocked a room full of Knesset members when he announced he was breaking up the Zionist Union partnership that nearly defeated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu four years ago. Gil takes listeners behind the scenes at the event, describing the reactions of the Knesset members in the meeting and afterwards. He ends the show by lamenting the departure of Knesset members who have served the English speaking community in Israel well and whose political future is in doubt.

Gil Hoffman broadcasts live from the Knesset, which is supposed to be in what Israelis call “cucumber season,”  when no news happens. He explains why the news from the empty parliament building is surprisingly intense now.
He then interviews Rabbi Ari Koretzky of the Meor Jewish outreach program at the University of Maryland about the fight for Israel on college campuses.

Isaac Herzog explains why he left his jobs as opposition leader in the Knesset and a Knesset member in the Zionist Union for the chairmanship of the Jewish Agency in excerpts from his Jerusalem Post interview broadcast here with permission. Gil Hoffman asks him whether leaving the Zionist Union is akin to fleeing the sinking Titanic.

Gil then talks about the new head of the opposition, Tzipi Livni, and gives examples of how not to head an opposition that perhaps could come in handy for her, from protests this week, from demonstrations that failed to prevent the Gaza Strip withdrawal this week 13 years ago, and from a Jerusalem city council member who claims to know the ways of God.

On the Knesset’s last week before its extended summer recess, Gil Hoffman and Knesset Insider Jeremy Saltan analyze whether Knesset members have easy lives in which they barely work, or if they actually work very hard.
Gil reveals how he got his scoop about Joseph Gutnick, the Australian diamond miner who helped Benjamin Netanyahu win his first term as prime minister in 1996, deciding to endorse Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked as Netanyahu’s future successor.
Hoffman and Saltan, who is an adviser to Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett, present different views on whether there is a conspiracy in Likud to divide Bayit Yehudi and break up the Bennett-Shaked alliance.

Gil Hoffman gives an insider’s look into the exciting events at the Knesset Monday night, when MKs advanced a bill that could draft yeshiva students and passed a law that removes funding for the Palestinian Authority that is given to terrorists and their families. He explains the potential impact of each bill and whether one could be a first step to elections and the other to Middle East peace. Along the way, he talks about the vibrancy of Israeli democracy, where there is never a dull moment.

For the first time, Rabbi Yishai is… overwhelmed. The power, majesty, and beauty of Israel’s 70th birthday is just too much!! Rabbi Mike Feuer joins the show to help transition between the bereavement of Memorial Day to the redemptive Independence Day. Then Yishai teaches leadership Torah at the Knesset. And finally, Rabbi Tuly Weiss talks about putting out the incredible new Israel Bible
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