The European Union and others in the world community who are against Israel’s right to build in parts of Jerusalem, are losing their minds over Israel’s approval of 1,257 housing units in the capital’s Givat HaMatos neighborhood. Despite a pandemic, wars and conflicts raging, and all other issues the world-over, Israel building homes, kindergartens, and parks in it’s capital city still dominates front-page headlines. On this week’s Israel Uncensored, Josh Hasten shares the truth behind the building project, and then discusses the other latest news from the Jewish State.

Tamar Hayardeni is a 9th generation Jerusalemite and (as Eve Harow can personally attest to) a phenomenal tour guide specializing in the Holy City. She’s also an excellent author and has penned many articles for Segula Magazine, a top notch publication in English on Israel and Jewish history. Just returned from 2 years in Greensboro North Carolina, Tamar researches a wealth of information for both her guiding and writing and teaches about the many changes in Jerusalem both before and after her ancestors came from Poland in 1777. An editor of the Hebrew Wikipedia site, she also deals with narrative posing as truth on the internet and the need to separate fact from fiction. Busy mother of five, her passion is educating Jews on our history and connection to the Land, especially the capital and her 3000 years of centrality to our lives.

Eve Harow shares her thoughts on everything but what’s on everyone’s minds (and mouths) with July 1st looming. Touristless Jerusalem, foamy coffee, Cicero’s prescience, higher education, historical negation, wild blueberry muffins and the uncomfortable convergence of sunglasses, earrings, mask and scarf on cartilage challenged ears.

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Every once in a while you have to get out of the house, and even out of the box. Where better to do that than Jerusalem, and who is a better partner than Yehudah Hakohen. Here is a free-flowing conversation on Jerusalem, redemption and the process in which we find ourselves day. In honor of the reuniting of the eternal city!

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What are the borders of the Land of Israel, and how did we, and do we, keep them safe? Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai in understanding the Torah’s command to kill off the Midianites, to establish cities of refuge, and not to give enemies “parking” in the land. Then, Malkah Fleisher joins to discuss the problem of Kosher meat and the Fatwa of the Mufti of Jerusalem.

Tali Kaplinski Tarlow founded “Israel ScaVentures”, the ultimate in interactive and educational learning about the country via sophisticated and well planned guided scaventure hunts.  Her new book, ‘ScaVentures Jerusalem: The Experiential Guidebook’ is a fabulous way to uncover the history and secrets of the city on your own, while having a fun experience.  She and Eve speak about Tali’s personal journey to Jerusalem from her native South Africa and their general thoughts on education and the challenges we face as parents and educators in making it engaging and exciting, meaningful and relevant.  The book covers 5 different areas; the Jewish Quarter in the Old City, the first neighborhoods built outside the walls in the 19th century, the Machine Yehuda Market “shuk”, the First Train Station and even the Mount Herzl National Cemetery.  A version with a Christian perspective is in the works as are other locations in the Land and maybe even a Hebrew translation.  Israel inspires in so many ways.   .

Come explore Jerusalem past, present and future with Rav Mike on Jerusalem Day 5778. In addition to exploring how Jerusalem brings these three together, hear some thoughts from the Director of International Affairs of the City of David and share in the sounds of Jerusalem rejoicing on this holy day.

 It’s a holiday today, Iyar 28th, as Israel celebrates 51 years since the Liberation of Jerusalem, the Biblical Heartland, Sinai and the Golan Heights during the miraculous 6 Day War. Eve reflects on these momentous times and shares her views, both literally and figuratively, from the site of the annual Gush Etzion/Efrat run that wended its way along the Patriarch’s Road and the Judean Hills.
We’ve got wheat, not corn, fields, but yes, Dorothy, it’s good to be home.  Chag Sameach!

To believe that the Temple offerings will come back again you need to be unambivalent about the Torah – like Rabbi Mike Feuer. To recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel you need to be unambivalent like the American Administration as described by Eli Pieprz. To bomb a Syrian nuclear installation you need to have an unambivalent IDF as portrayed by Malkah Fleisher. They all join Rabbi Yishai for a show filled with an unambivalent love of Israel and love of God.

Gil Hoffman does his show live from the site of the US Consulate that will become the American embassy in Jerusalem in May. He talks about the significance of the move taking place on the 70th birthday of Israel and interviews Jerusalem city councilwoman Fleur Hassan-Nahoum on site. Hassan-Nahoum credits Evangelical Christians for persuading US president Donald Trump to make the move, while Hoffman says believing Jews who influence Trump deserve credit as well. The head of the council’s Yerushalmim Party, Hassan-Nahoum says the site of the embassy in a Jewish neighborhood and near Arab neighborhoods could make it a place where Jews and Arabs come together. Between 1948 and 1967, the area was no-man’s land, between Israel and Jordan. Hassan-Nahoum declares triumphantly that it is now Israel’s land and recognized by America.

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