Join Rabbi Yishai Fleisher to celebrate Jerusalem Liberation and Reunification Day. First, Rav Mike Feuer joins to talk about the Babylonian exile’s “Jerusalem Day” and today’s rectification of it. Then, Malkah Fleisher on EU’s continued hostility towards a Jewish Jerusalem, and the tale of Yishai being thrown off the Temple Mount.

Every once in a while you have to get out of the house, and even out of the box. Where better to do that than Jerusalem, and who is a better partner than Yehudah Hakohen. Here is a free-flowing conversation on Jerusalem, redemption and the process in which we find ourselves day. In honor of the reuniting of the eternal city!

Photo Credit: Aharon Tzukerman 09/06/67 National Photo Collection of Israel, Photography dept. Government Press Office (link), under the digital ID D327-048.

Come explore Jerusalem past, present and future with Rav Mike on Jerusalem Day 5778. In addition to exploring how Jerusalem brings these three together, hear some thoughts from the Director of International Affairs of the City of David and share in the sounds of Jerusalem rejoicing on this holy day.

 It’s a holiday today, Iyar 28th, as Israel celebrates 51 years since the Liberation of Jerusalem, the Biblical Heartland, Sinai and the Golan Heights during the miraculous 6 Day War. Eve reflects on these momentous times and shares her views, both literally and figuratively, from the site of the annual Gush Etzion/Efrat run that wended its way along the Patriarch’s Road and the Judean Hills.
We’ve got wheat, not corn, fields, but yes, Dorothy, it’s good to be home.  Chag Sameach!
Yishai is in beautiful Australia, loving God’s world but always yearning for Zion. But how do you celebrate Jerusalem Day in the Diaspora? And what is Political Kiruv? Join Yishai for a shot of Taquila in Melbourne and for spiritual Aliyah from Down Under.

Rabbi Shlomo Katz and Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel share their thoughts and insights into Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach’s teachings on Jerusalem, as Israel celebrates the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification.

The Sages teach that Jerusalem has seventy names. Rav Mike speaks about how these names hold our relationship with the city over time, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification.