In my last broadcast I said what every prophet says, the Jewish People are destined to return to the Land of Israel. It seemed simple and honest enough. I was swamped with emails and Whatsapps with questions, challenges, requests for advice and guidance. Some were angry and many were encouraging me to continue broadcasting the truth however unpopular it might be.

Alongside the Jewish messages, I was overwhelmed with messages from non-Jews around the world. They love Israel, they feel deeply connected to the Jewish People. They can’t move to Israel. What should they do now?

This is a broadcast for them, for the righteous among the nations around the world. What does the Bible say with happen as we approach this new era? What is the guidance of the prophets for your lives outside of Israel? How do you align yourself with Israel and make Israel’s destiny yours?

I feel like this is one of the my most important messages. It is a message for all of the Jewish People outside of Israel. Please share it with as many people as you can.

“He who saves one life, is as if he has saved an entire world.”

I want to help you in any way that I can. If after this broadcast you have any questions or need any help, please reach out to me. For now, if you want to join my broadcast list Whatsapp me +972-544-611843.

Hashem should bless you and guide you in these unparalleled times.

Back after a hiatus, Ari Abramowitz & Jeremy Gimpel connect the dots between the miraculous events of our times and the biblical roots from which they were birthed.

Also on the show, Ari speaks with Rabbi Ari Kahn, a prominent Rabbi and teacher of our times.

Photo Credit: Commons Wikimedia / The White House from Washington, DC

Eve Harow talks with one of her favorite people, her Jerusalem-born son Matanya Harow. He worked for Caroline Glick during the first 2019 elections, is studying international relations and economics at Hebrew University, and served in the IDF. He offers his ideas on Naftali Bennett as newly appointed Defense Minister, what it’s like to study on Mount Scopus with a wide variety of students, and the state of Israeli democracy. Our youth is our future and Eve, for one, is optimistic and confident about turning the country over to their patriotic, faith-full, educated and truly liberal hands.

Rabbi Chaim Navon is a prolific author, well respected columnist for the Hebrew language newspaper Makor Rishon, and a popular lecturer and teacher. He speaks with Eve about some of the reasons why the National Religious sector has not been able to parlay their societal presence into political power. Do we ascribe too much holiness to the public arena and expect too much from our representatives? How does the Bible describe leadership? He’s a big fan of the US system (which is nice to hear) and opines that communal libertarianism is perhaps the ideal, not that of the individual. How did Jewish communities survive intact for the long Diaspora? A thought provoking talk with a very intelligent educator, grounded in Torah ethics and the real world.

Eve speaks with old friend Jay Kranis in his Manhattan home although they agree about very little, politically or religiously. Their common bond is a deep passion for Israel and tremendous mutual respect despite – or perhaps because of – their very different perspectives on the Jewish world. Jay’s will to fight for what he believes has inspired Eve over the years and while you’ll hear opinions that she (and maybe you, too) clearly don’t agree with, they find the bandwidth to have the conversation, listen and learn. Find the middle ground, people. It’s there, right under your feet but not yet buried.

Memorial and Independence Days this week as Israel appreciates the sacrifice and celebrates our freedom with a very wide pendulum swing of emotions. As life should be lived.

Gil Hoffman interviews International Christian Embassy vice president David Parsons on his adventures celebrating Christmas in Jerusalem, and why it is so much more meaningful than in his native North Carolina. Gil speaks to him about the diversity of Christians in Israel and their complicated relationship with the Jewish majority in the Jewish state.

One could say that the Maccabees won the battle but lost the war. How is it that the heroes of the Hanukkah story went from the heights of spiritual power to the depths of corruption in less than 100 years? Here is an analysis of the three disasters that brought down the Hasmonean kingdom, and a look at how the modern State of Israel can avoid the same fate.

Benjamin Balint joins Eve to discuss his hot-off-the-press book about Franz Kafka, or to be more precise, the court case that decided who owns the genius’s literary legacy. Involving Germany and Israel, issues of identity and religion, nationality and WW2, friendship and loyalty, the trial was much deeper than just a question of legal ownership of the papers of a writer who died nearly a century ago. Balint’s brilliant book on the 9 year ‘custody case’ raises fascinating questions that will resonate for many of us.

On a very special edition of Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, an exclusive interview with Jason Greenblatt, Assistant to the President and Special Representative for International Negotiations. Greenblatt  discusses the approach his team is taking towards trying to forge a comprehensive peace deal between Israel and the Arabs living under the Palestinian Authority. He stresses that under any deal, the US would never jeopardize the security of the State of Israel and her residents. Don’t miss this important interview in which Greenblatt is adamant that the only true way to know what the Trump Administration is trying to accomplish in the Middle East, is to hear it from those individuals who are part of the team, and not from unreliable sources.

Photo Credit: Official White House Photo by Stephanie Chasez

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