Businessman and international speaker Aryeh Green completed the Israel Trail 6 years ago; 8 weeks of soul searching and a huge physical and emotional challenge. As he scaled mountain peaks and walked/slid into valleys on his 1000 kilometer solo trek, he worked through the trauma of a devastating divorce and ultimately arrived at a place of acceptance, gratitude, humility and finally forgiveness and purpose. Aryeh’s book, ‘My Israel Trail’, is an intimate peek into a journal describing a man’s personal, healing journey to happiness while exploring his beloved Land of Israel via the soles of his feet.

As we start the Torah cycle with the story of Creation, Eve speaks with holistic expert Devorah Harow about the healing elements in nature; especially flowers.  At her Beit Roga Center in Kochav Hashachar in the Binyamin region of the Shomron she uses the energy of plants and place to transform people’s lives.  We can all alleviate physical and emotional pain with what Hashem “In the Beginning” literally sowed the world with and its’ potential to help suffering – if we choose to also see, smell, taste, feel and embrace it.
The matriarchs were healers; this young woman is literally following in their footsteps in the heart of the Land. Her Accelerated Healing program, quick, freeing and life changing, can be accessed even from afar so that 5778 can be your best year yet.
The Torah’s depth and messages to mankind are ever more relevant in a Western world largely disconnected from nature, and our true selves.