Do today’s schools successfully nurture our children’s innate curiosity? Continuing her quest for ideas to improve modern learning environments, Eve interviews Floridian Chana Billet. Along with her husband, Rabbi Avi, this mother of seven is devoted to teaching her kids the old fashioned way.
At home.

Technology now brings information everywhere, at a click of a finger. Are we heading for a time when the class is half full or will this be a passing fad? Listen to an articulate explanation of a trend that’s perhaps more widespread than we thought.

Eve speaks with Englishman Peter Baum, who has devoted decades to Israel advocacy. The nefarious influence of the BBC has ‘succeeded’ in creating an atmosphere of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism that was unimaginable a few years ago. The Republic of Ireland maintains its pro-Nazi ideology and even has pending legislation to criminalize using certain Israeli goods, and Corbyn may really be the next PM. Can a grassroots movement pull the former Empire back from the brink?

Archaeologist Dr. Na’ama Yahalom Mack is one of Israel’s experts on ancient metallurgy. She speaks at length with Eve on the Biblical world and the early monarchy via research on the Bronze and Iron Ages. But that’s not all – Tel Abel Bet Maacah in northern Israel was at the crossroads of many different nations and cultures; she is digging at the heart of this exciting site- which has never been excavated before. You’re really getting 2 shows in one and an incredible insight into the world of 3000 years ago.

Eve and Rabbi Francis Nataf discuss, among other things, his newest book, Redeeming Relevance on Leviticus/Vayikra.  What does it mean to be a nation of priests, and for priests to be joyful? Details are important as a means to the end- which is connecting to Hashem. Israel as a light unto the nations- a very big challenge which can be realized now that we’re home again.  There’s work to do  as individuals and collectively as the exiles in-gather and we each find our specialty, sometimes with a price to pay for leadership.

Mottle Wolf of Tekoa joins Eve to discuss last week’s brutal murder of his neighbor Ori Ansbacher hy”d. Can we stop this depravity? How do we react as individuals, as a society, as a nation, as Jews? As parents?

The debate over how much detail should be released to the media is not as simple one. We need to consider the victim and the family but also the reaction of the society that raises the perpetrators.
Deep grief and no end in sight.

Don’t let Ori’s light die out with her. At least that’s something we can control.

Nati Rom is a former ‘hill top youth’ turned very busy Human Rights lawyer. He speaks with Eve about  the organization Or Ami (named for his wife’s war hero first husband) devoted to defending both Jewish kids and Arab victims of Arab torture. This proud young man, motivated by faith and a desire to truly heal the world, is also founder of Lev HaOlam, helping businesses in Judea and Samaria by connecting them with supporters around the world. We all talk about fighting BDS; he acts on it. Join him and bring Israel’s heartland into your home.

Chemist Dr. Yael Schuster (aka Dr. Mom) is a woman with a mission –  to educate and excite children via stories, hands on games, animation and adventure towards a lifelong passion for STEM: Science, technology, engineering and mathematics.   This brilliant Israeli by choice founded StellarNova, marrying science and creativity.  Her  book, The Little Spacecraft, is heading for the moon on next month’s launch of an Israeli spacecraft.  Partnering with SPACEIL, the Israeli non-profit that is aiming to have Israel join only 3 other countries (US, Russia and China) who’ve had successful lunar landings, her company published this book to catch a ride on one of the most exciting adventures this little country can have- space exploration.  STEM cells are where life begins and this young mother is nurturing for the future.

On the Eve of Tu B’Shvat, Judaism’s birthday for the trees, Eve plays an interview she taped at Limmud with Rabbi Yonatan Neril. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, based in Israel. Their mission is to use interfaith collaboration as a means to reach a more compassionate, sustainable and spiritually aware society. Can religious leadership and Torah study be catalysts to create a better environment? Rav Yonatan is working hard to clean up the planet and protect God’s world.

Yael Valier is creative director of Jerusalem based ‘Theater and Theology’.  She tells Eve how her personal search for explanations of why bad things happen to good people led her down this path of intellectual, spiritual and artistic creativity and also ultimately prepared her in some way for the recent death of her son.  Why are English speaking Orthodox Jews attending plays with originally Christian themes? Are theaters the place to discuss God?

A thought provoking, even pain-full talk with a talented and deeply devoted Jew.

Yael has now gone international.


After a few minutes sharing her experiences of the last 2 weeks, Eve plays her interview with Dr. Jodi Magness, taped a few days ago at the Limmud UK Festival in Birmingham.  The archaeologist relates her amazing finds at the 1600 year old synagogue of Huqoq, west of the Kinneret in the Galilee.  Elephants, Samson and a Midrashic take of Jonah’s feet in 3 fish share floor space with satyrs, a zodiac wheel and people bopping each other over the head near the Tower of Babel.  Known for her fine work ethic, teaching style and professional publishing record, Jodi’s excitement at the very unique mosaics from the Talmudic era is palpable. What will be uncovered next and what are the different interpretations of the already discovered mosaics?  Check out the stunning, enigmatic scenes at  Israel continues to surprise.

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