Gil Hoffman explains the impact of new Israeli Democratic Party leader Ehud Barak on the September election. Barak is unpopular and not doing well in the polls but he is constantly attacking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and harming his image. Gil speaks to Knesset candidate Yair Fink, who left Labor to run with Barak. Fink says Netanyahu’s indictments and efforts to use the Knesset to avoid prosecution harm Israeli democracy. “You have to fight nasty with nasty,” Fink says.

Gil Hoffman speaks to former Knesset member Einat Wilf about whether her former party Labor can still be saved by a new messiah and whether her former party leader Ehud Barak will have a positive or negative impact on attempts to resuscitate the Israeli Left. Gil explains why the September 17 repeat election will be a lot more interesting than people currently expect and what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Golden State Warriors and New England Patriots have in common.

Ehud means “sympathetic” and Barak means “lightening” in Hebrew, but polls taken recently do not find that Israelis have much sympathy for their former prime minister who wants to make a political comeback. Gil Hoffman talks about whether Barak has a chance of winning over Israelis in his third attempt to capture their hearts. Can lightening strike thrice?

Omri was described by the Book of Kings as “doing more evil than all the kings who preceded him.” Casspi in Hebrew means “concerning money.” But Golden State Warriors forward Omri Casspi turned down more money to play for the best team in the NBA after a career of playing for poor teams, including the Sacramento Kings. Gil talks about how King Casspi turned Warrior Casspi has proven himself both a good player and a mensch.