What day is it today? The longer this lockdown lasts the more our relationship with time is changing. The way we see our days is changing.

It’s a weird feeling we are all living with now. Around the globe people are waking up disoriented and asking themselves, what day is it again?

After a big rock fell on my two toes a few days ago I was finally able to hobble down to our new makeshift studio on the farm on crutches and broadcast this message to you.

In these unprecedented times we are facing new mental and psychological challenges and in this broadcast I share some of the Jewish techniques passed down to Israel over the ages to strengthen our minds and spirits. There is wisdom in the Tanach to help guide us through these uncharted waters.

This may be preparing for that Great Day that is soon to come.

Eve Harow opines on leadership and social responsibility in this stressful time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Influencers, both religious, political and medical have a huge responsibility to make decisions that will keep people safe irrespective of their personal philosophies, worldviews and trepidations.

She then airs a talk with fellow (unemployed) tour guide, Tanach and Talmud teacher Shulie Mishkin, whose raison d’être is finding relevance to Torah in our every day life.