Rav Mike is on the road and taking time to reflect on the need for narrative therapy in many nations. The events in Charlottesville pose a lot of questions of how a nation which contains many narratives can learn to tell a story that can unite rather than divide. They also raise a red flag about the dangers of rewriting history.

As global antisemitism is on the rise at exponential rates, Jews around the world are trying to make sense of the senseless. Tune in as Rabbi Ari Abramowitz helps connect the dots.

Jerusalem Post political analyst Gil Hoffman discusses Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reaction to last week’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia and what it says about Netanyahu’s relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump.

He also addresses the impact of Israel’s fight against terror on this week’s attack in Barcelona, Spain.

Likud Deputy Director General for Foreign Relations Eli Hazan explains what the Likud stands for how big a threat criminal investigations are to Netanyahu’s future and what will happen to Israel’s ruling party in the post-Netanyahu era.