What day is it today? The longer this lockdown lasts the more our relationship with time is changing. The way we see our days is changing.

It’s a weird feeling we are all living with now. Around the globe people are waking up disoriented and asking themselves, what day is it again?

After a big rock fell on my two toes a few days ago I was finally able to hobble down to our new makeshift studio on the farm on crutches and broadcast this message to you.

In these unprecedented times we are facing new mental and psychological challenges and in this broadcast I share some of the Jewish techniques passed down to Israel over the ages to strengthen our minds and spirits. There is wisdom in the Tanach to help guide us through these uncharted waters.

This may be preparing for that Great Day that is soon to come.

People around the world (me included), are feeling whiplash from the sudden stop we are all experiencing. The chaos of Corona has hit the breaks on the roller-coaster of life and now that the train has stopped, people are feeling dizzy.

We have the power to control our thoughts and chose how to respond to every situation. What should be our response to this transitional time? What are we supposed to think? What is the mindset best for transition and transformation?

The wisdom of the Book of all Books has a powerful answer. King David, in a Messianic Psalm, instructs us how to think and what to do. May this Psalm be our prayer and the medicine for our minds and souls.

So many people belittle the Tanach as an antiquated, ‘old testament’, a primitive book written a long time ago about a God no one understood.

The Bible is not man’s book about God. It is God’s book about man.

It is divine wisdom about timeless struggles and challenges of humanity. Encapsulated in the eternal words of the prophets is the instruction manual of the Universe and keys to living a blessed life.

Their lessons and messages are a guidance and a medicine for every generation until the coming of Mashiach. Now is the time to reflect on their meaning and find guidance in their words.

What is the meaning of “Judgement Day” in the words of Prophets? Why doesn’t the Torah ever mention heaven or hell, or the world to come? What do these timeless concepts teach us now about our lives in the midst of this global crisis? What is the calling of this generation in these times?

Everything happening outside us is a part of a process we will go through inside. The Song of Redemption in chapter 26 ends with “Go my people into your rooms, close your door and hide yourself for a while, until the wrath passes.”

In this powerful and encouraging song Isaiah lays out the process of transitioning from the old world to a new world and a new global consciousness. The path to redemption is paved for those who prepare. Here are the instructions.

The prophets of Israel gave us the path toward redemption. A new world is coming. Now is the time to prepare.