Scott Jacobs is the man behind JooTube, the online news channel working valiantly to report the truth about anti-Semitism, Israel and the Jewish world. He speaks with Eve Harow from his home base in Los Angeles; the challenges, the biases and the vulnerability of Jewish institutions whose security weaknesses are shockingly publicized.

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Josh tackles the horrible Monsey stabbing, where a machete-wielding hater of the Jews attacked a Hanukkah lighting ceremony in Monsey, NY this past Saturday night. Josh says that those who continue to ask “why” this attack and the many other anti-Semitic attacks are happening, need to wake up to the reality that if you are a Jew you are a target. Josh says that communal Jewish leaders, Rabbis, and others who host public gatherings within the Jewish community are negligent if they don’t provide adequate security in this day and age.

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Prolific German/Israeli author and journalist Tuvia Tenenbom did not expect to find anti-Semitism and Zionism masquerading as pro-Palestinian activism in the UK when he set out to write a book on London theater and British opinions to Brexit. His soon-to-be-published ‘Taming of the Jew’ is the result of painful realities exposed to the man who has made it his life’s mission to bring out difficult truths that lie under Western staged attitudes. Denial. Fear. Learned helplessness. Even if Corbyn is out of power, what does the future hold for the Crown’s Jews?

Mayor Gabe Groisman captains a town of just a few thousand folk, but he’s making waves from coast to coast and even internationally. Eve sailed into the Miami area in lieu of Hurricane Dorian for a beautiful Shabbat as scholar in residence and landed a terrific interview with a man who’s determined to sink injustice. From anti-BDS legislation to codifying anti-Semitic hate crimes, he floats his ideas and then anchors them in law, inspiring other mayors to follow in his wake and push back the tidal wave of vilification of Israel and Jews. He schools Eve on the upstream battles and work with global peers to end the hate and help those adrift on the sea of inaction.

Eve spent two days at the Shurat Hadin Law and War Conference hearing fascinating discussions on the subject from many different perspectives. She interviewed international law specialists Professor Avi Bell on morality in warfare and Anne Hertzberg of NGO Monitor on BDS and anti-Semitism. Can you fight morally? Does the world hold Israel to a double standard? What does religion say on the topic? If you’re in Israel on July 7th join Eve on a tour to the Shomron- for details.

On this week’s edition of Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, how is it possible that the Hamas terror organization and other anti-Semites are able to maintain a presence on social media while other voices, namely conservative, have been banned? Hear from “Laura L.” a well-known conservative Jewish journalist who has essentially been banned by all social media sites. Get a behind the scenes look into what happens when your livelihood, which is dependent on the Internet, comes to a halt.

The anti-Semitic cartoon which appeared this past week in the New York Times, may or may not have been seen by the terrorist who murdered a Jewish woman and injured three others in a Poway, California Synagogue, but the overall mainstreaming of anti-Semitism, just 70 years after the Holocaust, certainly played a role. On today’s Israel Uncensored, Josh Hasten discusses the Poway terror shooting, with a focus on the heroism displayed by that congregation’s worshipers in saving lives. Josh then ties in the now infamous anti-Semitic New York Times cartoon, which ran this week, with reactions and condemnations abound.

Photo Credit: Facebook Profile Photo – Congregation Chabad of Poway

Journalist Eric Rozenman joined Eve in Washington DC to discuss his recent book “ Jews Make the Best Demons: Palestine and the Jewish Question”. How are medieval blood libels manifesting themselves today, and does ׳the old UN resolution ‘Zionism is Racism’ fit with Satanic forces? A must read for those interested in a very well researched and documented book tracing how anti-Semitism morphs from generation to generation in order to stay ‘relevant’ for whomever at the time is looking for reasons to hate- and kill- the Chosen People.

In this week’s powerful program, Ari Abramowitz & Jeremy Gimpel share a unique analysis of the disturbing events unfolding in the Democratic Party in America and the ancient spiritual roots from which they emanating in our times. Why is David Duke allying himself with Ilhan Omar? Why are Jews throughout the diaspora feeling more isolated and alienated than ever before? This exciting, entertaining, and illuminating program is one that must be heard!

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, an interview with Danny Seaman the Middle East Forum’s Israel Director, and former head of the Israel Government Press Office. Seaman pulls no punches in letting the American Jewish community know what he thinks they should be doing in response to anti-Semitic tropes from Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, and the overall failure of the Democrats to pass a resolution exclusively condemning the hatred of Jews. Seaman also gives his thoughts on a new Israeli election poll which shows that PM Netanyahu’s Likud is gaining on the Blue and White party of Benny Gantz.

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