These are weird times – but we’re making the best of it together!! First, Rav Mike Feuer on Moses’ song in the Torah portion of Ha’azinu and the difference between Heaven and Earth – in mindset. Then, straight-talking Rabbi Steven Pruzansky on leaving his Teaneck synagogue of 26 years and finally making Aliyah – to a lockdown!!!

It’s all happening in the Land of Israel as Abraham makes his way away from his original home to the Promised Land. Rabbi Yishai Fleisher is joined by his daughter Leah on the eve of her Bat Mitzvah (!!) to discuss Lech Lecha, the Matriarch Rachel, and becoming a proud Jewish woman.

Paula Stern is Founder and CEO of Write Point, an Israeli company which trains people for a career in technical writing. She speaks with Eve about the challenges and unknowns of Aliya that ultimately shaped both her professional and personal life. In her blog ‘A Soldier’s Mother’ she eloquently described her own sons’ army service and connected with many other English speaking parents who were on the same emotional roller coaster of pride and panic, caring and consternation. In Israel we create different types of communities to cope and thrive in a very dynamic reality, interspersed with occasional normalcy. For immigrants without the natural language skills and cultural framework the needs are different, and Paula has filled a niche that for many has made all the difference.

Eve chats with Akiva Gersh about his newly published collection of articles on moving to Israel from the West. ‘Becoming Israeli: The Hysterical, Inspiring and Challenging Sides of Making Aliyah’ covers what will sound familiar to many who have taken the step to align our fate with that of the Jewish state. Learning Hebrew, getting used to a new culture, figuring out even the simplest things- those are the challenges. Underlying all of it, though, is an impossible to put into words sense of being part of something so great that it defies rational thought.
Hashem remains a local call even with whatsapp and viber in a way you can’t explain. History is lived in the present. It’s Home.

Hear the holy Rita share how her great grandparents would feel about her life in Israel and absorb the uplifting vibes of this wave of new Jews who have finally arrived home! (Forgive the shaky video ;))