SciFi is HERE. 4 story Robots, fashion technology, bionics, music, drones and 3D printers making Passover chocolate- yes, all this and much, much more at the first Israeli Geek PicNic, a 3 Day Happening of Hi-tech and Science at Jerusalem’s Sacher Park during Passover. Philly born Carmi Wurtman’s 2BVibe Production Company is bringing the Israeli version in from Mother Russia. He joins Eve to share the challenges and excitement of making the unbelievable into the very tangible . Eve then chats with chemist Dr. Mom (aka Yael Schuster), a founder of the KnowItAlls -a program to inspire girls to pursue math and science- who will be part of the festival, as will Intel and many others. Why this Passover is different.
Israel: We’ve got it all, a holy and humbling history, a phenomenal present and fantastic future.

Written by Eve Harow