Eve speaks with Yesha Foreign Envoy Oded Revivi as they both prepare for the America Israel Public Affairs Committee Annual Policy Conference in Washington DC. He will officially be appearing at the Conference; that’s a first for a representative of the Jewish communities of Yesha (acronym for Yehuda and Shomron/Judea and Samaria in Hebrew). Oded shares the long process of getting the invitation and his expectations of the panel. How frustrating that AIPAC attendees don’t get a real opportunity to hear facts and ask questions on one of the hottest topics around. Will it ever change?

Until it does we’ll again do our own thing. Eve and Yishai will be co-hosting a separate event celebrating the rejuvenation of life for the indigenous people in their Biblical homeland on Sunday night at the Museum of the Bible. Look for it on YouTube 8 PM Sunday March 24th.

Written by Eve Harow