Pat BaMelach is an artisan bread bakery on Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim in Judea that is rising like the kneaded dough. Owner Rabbi David Katz educates thru active bread making with groups of all types. Water, salt, flour. Simple and satisfying as it was before the industrial revolution prioritized profit and quantity over quality and nutrition. He tells Eve Harow inside his busy kitchen why Bread is so prominent in the Bible, in acts of redemption and also daily life, how the cycle of Jewish holidays follows the grain harvest in the Land of Israel, and why rye bread is, well, annoying. His pantry is literally alive with sourdough ‘pets’ as he gets us back to basics, to appreciating sustenance and to the idea that piety leads to simplicity- or visa versa.
Could the Tree of Knowledge have been a Stalk of Wheat? Listen in and find out all this and more. Only on Rejuvenation with Eve Harow on the Land of Israel Network.

Written by Eve Harow